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Exposition of Candy Shop XIX century in Moscow

Excursion about unusual trading sweets in Candy shop, in the end of XIX century.
How to sell fudge, caramel, toffee, sherbet, marshmallows, pastilles, grillage, gemini, crocetti, martsepany…

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Moscow, Merzlyakovsky pereulok, 15.
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Exposition about the traditions of the tea-table in Zvenigorod

Climb the steep stairs of the merchant house.Large elegant hall with old peasant buffets. Colorful tables, mint tea, Apple jam, dried in a Russian stove — Levashi, archaic gingerbread with honey.

Tea is served gingerbread from rye, honey and spices, no baking. In the old days, it is such gingerbread soaked in the oven.You will get special present from our musuem — recipe of black bread and alive leaven!

*Also possible to rent our museum for your holidays!

Zvenigorod, Frunze 23/2
Phone +7 (925) 857-70-35


Molding of sugar flowers

We sculpt and create our own elegant sugar flowers, under the strict guidance of the Master!


Figured gingerbread

Guests are offered various forms of gingerbread to choose from and under the strict of the painter everyone can create with their own hands a delicious and beautiful gift.


Guryev porridge

Making of the «Guryev porridge» in a Russian oven is a delicious culinary lesson! We listen to the history of this dessert, fry the cream of cream, lay out layers for languishing in the oven, drink tea with Guryev porridge. You did not eat anything more delicious!

Just only
in Zvenigorod

Painting Caskets

Master class with painter. -You learn the basics of an art master. -You will be provided with all necessary materials. -You can take painted boxes with yourself
Just only in Zvenigorod

Baking cakes

We watch your figure and therefore, our dough is kneaded not on yeast, but on leaven! The master class is recommended: -For collectives, as a team-forming event. -For men — cooking a surprise favorite lady! — For girls and ladies — as an opportunity to make pleasant. -For the birthday — as a delicious way to celebrate a birthday! Children are admitted to the oven only with adults!
Just only in Zvenigorod

Baking bread

We will teach you how to cook real Russian whole wheat bread in a stew, from rye and poultry, and we will tell you a recipe for useful bread. During the time when the bread is baked, after tea with pancakes, we discuss the history of bread. Bake your own bread and can of sourdough of step-by-step recipe will take with you! Children are allowed only in the presence of adults!
Just only in Zvenigorod

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At the second congress of non-profit organizations in the Moscow region on November 25, NKO CHU "The Museum of Russian Dessert" was represented among the 10 most socially significant NKOs in the Moscow region!


Russian gingerbread is a nationwide phenomenon, closely connected with the people's life. What other dish can boast of such a long list of proverbs and sayings? "It breaks like a gingerbread," for example.

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